Focusing Self-Help Manual Excerpt


  1. Feelings are Meanings


The “meaning” of living, or the “meaning” of a specific situation, rests in the experiencing of that situation, in feeling the joys and sorrows, embarrassments and angers, shyness and warmth implicit in that situation. The meaning of a situation for a particular person is contained in that person’s feelings about the situation.

By carefully making words for these feelings, using Intuitive Focusing, a person can find out what the situation means to him.  If an event (a meeting, a conversation, a love relationship, a death) is lived through with no experiencing of the feelings that are implicit in it, then the meaning of the situation is lost.  It becomes a series of behaviors which might just as well have been acted our on film.  The participant has no deep sense of having been there, of having been profoundly touched.  END OF SAMPLE EXCERPT.


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