1. Creative Edge Focusing's Instant "Ahah!"s: An E-Newsletter E-Course on Gendlin's Self-Empathy Focusing and Rogers' Empathic Listening. By Dr. Kathy McGuire,

I am Dr. Kathy McGuire, and I have been offering this e-newsletter e-course through Constant Contact since 2006. However, now that Constant Contact has changed its template formatting, I have found it easier to put the e-course, 9 months of 3 e-newsletters a week, with practice videos, into three PDF Files instead, Parts One, Two, and Three, covering all the ten applications of Focusing and Listening in the Instant "Ahah's" download you will find below.

I have left all the links live so that you can walk yourself through the course at your own speed, reading relevant articles, downloading manuals, and watching practice videos. You will also receive instructions and encouragement to start your own Empathy Focusing Practice/Support Group.

For each new "Ahah!", you will repeat practicing two or three new skills over the four weeks of the month, or at whatever speed you choose to proceed. This is so you can really incorporate these skills into your tool box. They include learning to relax, learning to find a 'felt sense,' Gendlin's complete six-step Focusing process, and how to take a nurturing non-judgmental attitude to whatever you find inside. They also include practice in passive and active empathic listening for conflict resolution and applications of Listening and Focusing to relationships, education, spirituality, business meetings, community-building, and much more.

I have pretty much just copied the e-newsletters below, so this is not edited like a book but allows you to repeat the practice exercises, with additional explanation and examples, over several times so that you can really learn the skills. Best to download but not print all the links to many additional resources, articles, and YouTube videos remain active.



So, here we go, starting with several emails which I always send out to new subscribers, then beginning with Pre-Focusing Exercise #1 and Instant "Ahah!" # 1 and progressing through the Complete Focusing Instructions and the ten applications in the Instant "Ahah!" mini-manual which you can download at the links below.

>PART TWO: Instant “Ahah!” E-Newletter Free E-Course

“Ahah!”s #4-#6. #4 Five-Minute Grieving: Self-Empathy, #5 Collaborative Decision Making: Efficient Meetings,#6 Empowerment Organization: Finding the Creative Edge. 

Go first to the separate PDF file for, Part One: Instant “Ahah!”’s #1-3 , if you haven't yet.  

>PART THREE: Instant “Ahah!” E-Newsletter Free E-course

“Ahah!”s 7-10. #7 Clearing A Space: Serenity, #8 Sharing Your Day: Intimacy, #9 Creativity: Focusing on Blocks, #10 Spirituality: Being Touched and Moved

I am going to start out with a Reminder of Instant Ahah! #1, Gendlin’s Six-Step Focusing Process, just to remind everyone of the basic Focusing Process introduced in Part One of this free E-Course. Please go to the Part One and then Part Two PDF files to catch up, if you have not been there before, before beginning this Part Three. Download the files so you can work your way through at your own speed. However, work from the downloads. If you print them out, you will lose all the live links to much material.



by Lito Libres. A 12-Session Course of Power Point Slides With Practice Videos.

With Lito's permission, any Certified Focusing trainer or any teacher or helping professional could use this PowerPoint outline (in PDF format), which also includes links to numerous YouTube and other videos as demonstrations, to introduce Gendlin's Focusing and Rogers' Empathic Listening to a wide variety of audiences.

See details <here>






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These materials are offered purely as self-help skills. In providing them, Dr. McGuire is not engaged in rendering psychological, financial, legal, or other professional services. If expert assistance or counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.