Focusing Self-Help Manual Excerpt


  1. What Is a Supportive Listening/Focusing Community?


…Try to imagine to whom you would go if you were really at rock-bottom, in a crisis too big for you to handle:  perhaps you have left your husband after an argument, or perhaps you have lost your job.  Chances are that the person you would choose would have a lot in common with an “empathic listener”.  You would be likely to choose someone you know accepts you the way that you are.  But even this person is likely to respond imperfectly—she may try to give you advice, or tell you her own story that is similar.  If she were trained in Listening, she would know how to allow you to cry or to give you a chance to find your own solution by reflecting what you say, adding nothing or her own.  Such support is the essence of a Listening/Focusing community. END OF SAMPLE EXCERPT


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