Interest Area: Creative Edge Organizations – Ten First Steps


Bite-sized Projects

In these days where almost everyone works for a living, it is essential to break any volunteer work projects down into tiny steps that individuals will be able to find time to do. If no one volunteers for a task, then organizers must keep breaking it down into smaller and smaller pieces, until people begin to find an amount of work which they are willing and able to carry out.

It is also important to look for projects where everyone can do a little bit. Make it extremely easy and frequent so that people will feel involved, feel ownership and community.

The results of such collaboration are increased creativity, motivation, and community among workers or members at every level. The Creative Edge Organization method concentrates on how to provide motivation within any organization or corporation, but is especially useful in volunteer organizations, where money is not used as an inducement.

What you want to avoid is the typical situation, where the members of the organization pay their dues, and then a small group of officers and committee members do all the actual work. The general membership becomes apathetic, expecting “someone else” to do the work or dissatisfied with decisions but not feeling able to do anything about it.  Sooner or later, the small group of workers gets burned out, and the organization begins to fail.


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