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Hands-On, Self-Help Skill Training

Active Learning

Creative Edge Focusing™ training is hands-on and energizing, rather than draining. We do little lecturing, little reading or paper-and-pencil exercises. Participants start using PRISMS/S from the first moment. People will take new skills home from the first day.

PRISMS/S Focusing Process

Everyone becomes skilled in Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening, the Core Skills of PRISMS/S.  In our trainings, participants share equal turns as the Focuser and the Listener. As they learn to create new ideas out of their own “intuitive feel,” participants also learn to use Focused Listening to help another person articulate from The Creative Edge.

As they learn, participants are already relaxing through using PRISMS/S. They are learning Intuitive Focusing, solving personal and work-related problems creatively, experiencing Paradigm Shifts and the satisfaction and sureness of the “Ahah!” experience.

Creative Edge Pyramid

Everyone learns Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid of applied methods: how to use PRISMS/S for personal growth, interpersonal conflict resolution, and creative problem solving in groups. As soon as the Core Skills of Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening are learned, participants begin to apply them to Interpersonal Focusing in relationships and Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making in teleconferences or at group and team meetings.

While learning Focused Listening, participants are finding the inner world of the Focuser fascinating. They are being moved to empathy and mutual care. They look forward to coming to Focusing Partnerships, Focusing Groups or Teams, or Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making meetings because they know they will leave more relaxed, more fascinated, and more connected to each other.

Ongoing Long-Term Support

We offer all learners and teachers ongoing problem solving and support through our Instant “Ahah!”s e-newsletter and our Creative Edge Focusing online e-discussion/support group.

Similarly, our certification programs for Creative Edge Focusing Consultants and Experiential Focusing Professionals feature online, experiential learning groups.

If you haven’t yet, you can, right now, sign up to receive our weekly Instant “Ahah!s” e-newsletter and to immediately download the first ten Instant “Ahah!s” in a Mini-Manual.

You can also download free Complete Focusing Instructions and join our Creative Edge e-discussion/support group for ongoing help and practice.   

The Pot of Gold: Specific Services and Programs

Creative Edge Focusing™ offers low-cost, self-help options as well as professional coaching, onsite consultation and training, and certification programs:

  1. Self-Help Package: For Individuals, Groups, and Facilitators Who Want To Learn The Model On Their Own, With Free Online Support
  1. Classes/Workshops InternationallyFor Those Who Want To Learn From A Certified Professional and Are Hoping To Meet Others For Future Self-Help Focusing Partnerships or Groups
  1. Creative Edge Coaching  Package: For Individuals Who Want  To Learn With A Paid Consultant In Person or By Phone
  1. Creative Edge Consulting Package For Organizations and Corporations Who Want Onsite Consulting and Training to Apply Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid Throughout Their Organization, With Emphasis On Carry-Over At Home As Well As Work
  1. Creative Edge Focusing Consultant Training Program: For Individuals Worldwide Who Would Like To Join Us In An Experiential Learning Community While Becoming Certified CE Focusing Consultants
  1. Experiential Focusing Professional Training Program: For Helping Professionals Worldwide Who Want To Learn to Facilitate Profound,  Lasting Change for Clients and Patients While Nurturing Themselves In An Experiential Learning Community
  1. CreativeEdge Collaboration: For Volunteers and Foundations Who Want To Work With Us To Spread Listening/Focusing Problem Solving Skills Throughout The World
  1. Creative Edge Focusing Intensive: For Those Who Want To Learn the Core Skills and Creative Edge Pyramid Through a Weeklong Experiential Learning Community With Dr. McGuire and other CE Focusing Consultants.

If you haven’t yet, please click on Free Instant “Ahah!s” on the side bar to receive our mini-manual of techniques to apply right now and for continuing reminders and tips through our Instant “Ahah!s” e-newsletter and on Free Focusing Instructions //link to sign-up// to start practicing Focusing right now and for ongoing support through our Creative Edge e- discussion/support group……

Now that you know about our specific programs, click NEXT to  read Case Studies of application of Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid at all levels, from individual to interpersonal to group to community to organization.

Want to learn more about Focused Listening and Intuitive Focusing?

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These materials are offered purely as self-help skills. In providing them, Dr. McGuire is not engaged in rendering psychological, financial, legal, or other professional services. If expert assistance or counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.