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Creative Edge Coaching

For Individuals Who Want To Bring In A Paid Coach Face-To-Face or By Teleconference

Creative Edge (CE) Focusing Consultants can be available for Coaching face-to-face and by phone, teleconferencing, email. They will:

  • coach individuals in Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening for personal growth and creative problem solving
  • facilitate Interpersonal Focusing for conflict resolution between individuals
  • facilitate  Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making among a core group of decision makers
  • offer classes and workshops in the Creative Edge Focusing ™ model
  • consult on bringing the Creative Edge Focusing ™ model into an entire organization.

The initial contact will often be directly with Dr. McGuire through the FREE Phone Consult.

During the Free twenty-minute consult, Dr. McGuire will begin to model, demonstrate, and teach the Creative Edge Focusing ™ Core Skills. She will help you to use Intuitive Focusing to articulate the “intuitive feel” of creative possibilities that led you to contact Creative Edge Focusing™. She will respond with Focused Listening.

She will help you to use the PRISMS/S Focusing Process to articulate your “gut feel” of the ways that the Creative Edge Focusing ™ model might be incorporated into your personal problem solving, your relationships and/or your organization, and your “intuitive sensing” of things that might stand in the way.

She will also help to figure out next steps for your training in PRISMS/S:

  • the Self-Help Package with Multi-Media and online support
  • referral to a Certified Focusing Professional or Creative Edge Focusing Consultant near you for a Basic Training class or workshop
  • coaching by phone, email, and teleconference
  • onsite consultation and training for your organization
  • entry into the CE Focusing Consultant or Experiential Focusing Professional training program.

You might sign up for the initial Phone Coaching/Consulting package of three, two-hour phone coaching sessions. During each session, Dr. McGuire will provide Focused Listening response as you use Intuitive Focusing on a specific problem. During these initial sessions, she will also teach you the Focused Listening skill for Focusing Partnerships. Midway through the session, you will switch roles: she will be demonstrate Intuitive Focusing while she teaches you to be the Focused Listener.

After the three initial phone sessions, Creative Edge coaching or consulting can be continued by email, for those who prefer this to phone consultation. Email is actually nicely adapted to the Listening/Focusing approach: at any time, the Focuser can sit down and take the time for Intuitive Focusing, typing the steps that come up into an email. Then, at whatever time, the Consultant can respond, giving Focused Listening responses to each paragraph or in a more global way and also offering insights into the process.

Remarkably, for the Focuser, simply taking the quiet time to use Intuitive Focusing while writing the email can lead to a Paradigm shift, and insight into possible new steps or innovative ideas. So, even before the Focused Listening response from the Consultant, progress has been made in problem solving!  And, in the email model, cost is reduced – the Focusing time has no charge, payment is only for the Consultant’s time in responding.

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These materials are offered purely as self-help skills. In providing them, Dr. McGuire is not engaged in rendering psychological, financial, legal, or other professional services. If expert assistance or counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.